How to use “24 mountains” pattern

Using search option in the “24 mountains” pattern you can easily find your house on Google or Yandex map. If you open the “24 mountains” template and move the red directing line so that it would set perpendicular to the facing of the house, you can see the facing direction and location of the house in relation to cardinal directions. If you insert the time of house construction to the table and magnetic declination in your city, you can calculate the provisional Flying Stars chart for your house both for the current period and the year of construction.

You can also view the current Flying Stars for the selected month and year.

The template is displayed in two color modes – black and white. Using of white colored template is convenient in case of satellite view (can be switched below the type of Yandex / Google map). The view from space often allows you to find images of particular buildings and this option is preferred.

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