How to become a consultant

  1. A person who has been trained in at least one of the long programs of the Feng Shui Training and Counseling Center "Dragon Pearl" can become a consultant. (Bazi completely, Qi Men Dun Jia 1–3 levels, feng shui completely). This is necessary so that we can get to know the future consultant better and make sure that he has a holistic view of Chinese metaphysics and its application.  
  2. You can choose any specialization in which you feel confident, regardless of which program you graduated from.
    • feng shui (classical schools)
    • selection of dates (ze zhi, qi men dun jia, xuan kung da gua, nayin, etc.)
    • analysis of fate (bazi, zi wei do shu, qi men dun jia)
    • forecasts (qi men dun jia, and jing)
    • increasing luck (qi men dun jia, activation)
  3. For the chosen specialization, it is necessary to pass the face-to-face qualification exam, which is held once a year. It is possible to take the exam on request, individually. In some cases, given good reasons, it is possible to take the exam via Skype. If you have already passed an exam in one of the specializations, the next ones can be taken via Skype. The exam is free of charge. The cost of passing for those who have completed a long program in the specialization chosen for the exam is significantly lower.

    • Feng Shui Exam. Held after professional practice in August (excluding those who participated in the practice earlier, in 2012‒2016). Practice is required to visit at least once. The exam includes two consultations – one according to the data that you will receive on the spot, the second – the kind you've done for your clients. Consultations should consist of plans with notes, analysis of the situation, recommendations, dates for the implementation of these recommendations, forecast for the year. It is important to show in your work the knowledge of those classical feng shui schools that you studied, and also explain your conclusions. On our program, Feng Shui is studied: the school of forms, trigrams, Xuan Kong – flying stars, Da Gua, San He methods. We do not use the 8 Aspirations School or the 8 Homes Simplified School (Ba Zhai).
    • Fate analysis exam. You will be given several birth dates and questions about them in advance to prepare. In the exam, we will discuss these and other questions about the cards. You can use any of the systems: Bazi, Qi Men, Zi Wei Do Shu, the main thing is that your conclusions are correct.
    • Date selection exam. You will be prompted for dates of birth and tasks for which the person selects dates. It is important not only to choose dates using a system adequate for the task, but also to explain your choice.
    • Forecast exam. You will be asked several questions on different topics to answer. Everything is like a consultation.
    • Fortune Enhancement Exam (qi men dun jia). Using the date of birth and wishes of the client, you will need to choose methods to increase luck, write recommendations and explain them.
  4. Successfully passed the exam gets the opportunity to post their resume on the website www.mingli.ru in section«Consultants». The first year of the resume is posted for free, then – for a monthly fee.
  5. A consultant who wants to try himself as a teacher can contact Natalia Tsyganova via Feedback on the site to get more information on this topic.

    A teacher can become someone who has completed one of the long programs and has established himself as a good specialist. First of all, we will support those who want to conduct face-to-face courses. Assistance will be provided in the preparation of materials, promotion. A special training course will be organized for teachers.

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