Deleting a Mingli.ru profile

You can delete your Mingli profile at any time. IMPORTANT! We do not guarantee the ability to restore a profile after deleting it if you change your mind.

Check the data that is created in your profile

Check all data, paid subscriptions, apps, services, comments and save as needed.

Consequences of deleting a profile

  • All data and acquired licenses associated with the profile will be lost, including:
    • paid courses, seminars and their licenses, as well as supporting information about certificates received in the course of training
    • Bazi, Qi Men and Personal charts, including those created in our applications
    • order information, discounts and additional bonuses based on purchase history
    • paid subscriptions and periods including ❗active at the time of account deletion (Google Maps, Extended Qi Men Dun Jia Calculator, periods for Personal and other services).
    • paid periods in apps Almanac, Calendar of Luck, Feng Shui Guide, 24 mountains Template and other applications, for all available operating systems, including those purchased through AppStore.
    • all posts and comments will become anonymous (👉 all user-generated content on the blog is the property of the platform and can be deleted before deleting the profile).
    • You will not be able to claim a refund for services not rendered once your profile is deleted.
  • You will not be able to use services of Mingli.ru that require a profile (for example, creating and saving maps, comments, emotional ratings, and accessing additional features provided by paid services and subscriptions).

What to do if your profile has been hacked

Deleting a profile requires confirmation sent to your email, so if a profile on Mingli was deleted without your consent, it means that your mailbox was also hacked. In in case of hacking, you can write to Feedback on the site.

Delete profile

Note. If you have created multiple Mingli profiles, deleting one of them will not affect the others.

  • To delete a profile, you need to log in with the profile you want to delete
  • Go to your profile (My Account); this can be done on all pages of our website in the top right corner
  • Click the Delete Profile button
  • Follow the prompts to delete your profile

How to restore a profile

If you changed your mind about deleting a profile, or did it by accident and it happened recently, you may be able to restore it. To do this, write to Feedback on the site.

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