Orders are dispatched within 1–3 working days after payment.

For additional questions, you can contact us via feedback or by phone +7 (921) 318 80 93.

We ship using the following methods:

Courer Delivery

Courier delivery is possible only within the Russian Federation. For delivery by courier service, you need to write a request on the checkout page in the additional information field and indicate your preferred courier service (we try not to work with courier service SDEK). After that, we can calculate the cost of sending and write to you.

The order is sent only after payment.

Delivery to Russian cities by Russian Post

Russian Post

Approximate delivery time in Russia from 3 to 2 weeks.
Approximate delivery time abroad from 2 weeks to 1.5 months (depends on the work of postal and customs services).

You will find out the exact cost of delivery to cities in Russia by Russian Post when placing an order.

We do not ship COD, orders are shipped only after payment.

After sending the order by Russian Post, you will receive a letter to your e-mail about changing the status of the order to "Sent" which will contain the postal identifier for tracking and receiving the shipment on Russian Post website (for citizens of other countries For information about sending a Russian postal ID, it is better to find out at your post office or on the website of the mail of your country).

Also, the mail ID will be available in your profile in the "My Orders" subsection.

Shelf life

The period of storage of the order at the post office is 30 calendar days from the date of receipt at the post office, after which the order is returned and canceled. In according to postal regulations, an additional fee is charged for storing a parcel in the mail for more than 5 business days upon receipt.

We ask you to receive your orders by mail in a timely manner!

???? In order not to miss the departure! We recommend installing the application «Russian Post» for mobile devices.

Postal delivery outside of Russia

Delivery by ground or air mail abroad is carried out by the Russian Federal Postal Service.

Delivery time

The estimated delivery time by Russian mail abroad ranges from 2 weeks to 1.5 months, depending on the work of customs and postal services along the route of the poisoning.


In accordance with the postal rules of the Russian Federation, books are sent by items weighing up to 14 kg.*, including the weight of the package itself. If your order exceeds the specified limits, it will be sent to you in several shipments. If the product you have chosen weighs more than 14 kg and it is not possible to split it – mailing such a product will not be possible.

Customs regulations

Customs duty is not taken into account when calculating the total cost of the order. According to the customs regulations in your country, upon receipt of the parcels, you need to pay customs duty if the value of the parcel exceeds a certain limit. This amount in different countries is usually the equivalent of 20 – 200 USD. For more detailed information, please contact your country's customs department.


⚠️ Attention! If the order is to be delivered outside the Russian Federation, then the delivery address should be written in Latin characters without umlauts – except for those countries where correspondence addressed in Russian can be correctly processed (for example, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc.).

When receiving an order by mail, the recipient is required to present identification documents, therefore, for orders with delivery abroad, incl. to Ukraine, when placing an order, it is very important to indicate in the "Recipient" field Last name, First name, and  Full middle name. For example, instead of "Ivanov I.I." please indicate: "Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich."

* US and Canada shipping is limited to 5kg.

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