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BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny is a Chinese fortune-telling system that allows you to learn not only about character, inclinations and abilities of a person, but also about his life path. BaZi can show whether a person will have a rich or poor fate, whether he/she gets married, when a child can be born, what year one should start making career and so on.

BaZi calculator allows you to build a person's birth chart (starting from 1900). The chart consists of 8 hieroglyphs, which in pairs indicate the hour, day, month and year of birth. To build a chart using our calculator, you can simply enter the date of birth (do not adjust the hour!) and make sure to enter the gender. You should choose the city of birth from the list so that the chart is calculated correctly (the city should be selected particularly from the list; if your city does not appear in the list – simply select a nearby city). If you do not know the hour of birth, you can calculate the chart without it, but in this case the chart analysis will be incomplete. You can enter first and last names of the person if you plan to keep the chart in your account.

When all the data has been entered, click “Calculate”. The calculator will display the person's birth chart, pillars of fortune (life periods) and years of life. You can also choose to display the hidden heavenly stems in the chart by customizing the tab “Show / Hide”. Hieroglyphs are signed in Russian. If the box ”Hieroglyphs” is checked, the chart will be displayed with abbreviations (acronyms). On the right side of the chart you can see auspicious directions for the Gua number and the scheme of five life spheres just below them. You can see the element of husband, wife, wealth and so on. All this data can help you only if you start learning BaZi.

You can save the chart in your account by clicking “Save” or print it using the function “Print” in your browser. While analyzing BaZi chart, you can share your opinion with other colleagues or share a link to the chart in the forum.

Our calculator does not provide for interpretation of charts! It cannot be done mechanically. Chart analysis requires consultant’s involvement, when the consultant can answer your questions in private conversation or in writing. This is not a 5-minute job. The analysis of birth chart can last for several hours! Read more about consultations here.

Professional version

Professional version contains much more information than the custom version. This includes: qi phases, voidness, dominant hidden heavenly stems, ten Gods, house of life, symbolic stars (spirits and demons), also in decades of fortune. Wu Xing scheme is extended to the scheme of 10 Gods.

Next to the chart you can see the current decade and year, you can change them at your own option.

Personal account allows you to keep those BaZi charts, which are of interest to you or which you are working with, as well as make comments to the charts.

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