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Every day in the Chinese calendar has its own unique characteristics. One is more suitable for working with documents, the other – to establish relations, the third – is not suitable for important cases. You can always find the combined characteristics of the day or hour on our website.

But in order to plan your business accurately, you need to know if the day is right for you.

Therefore, we are pleased to introduce our new product: personal calendar. Calendar is based on date selection, Jie Ji, Bazi and personal stars. Now you will be able to track your personal fortune in the calendar.

Personal indicators

In addition to the pros/cons icons which are calculated with personal influences, on the pages of the month and day you will see personal indicators that will tell you for what cases you should use the day or hour.

The indicators reflect top 5 most popular topics:

  • Finances
  • Health
  • Relations
  • Help receiving
  • General safety

Also, a separate indicator shows, how much can the day affect you, how favorable it is (of course, if you know your useful elements).

Which is very convenient and important

Pros and cons (case icons) in the personal calendar will be displayed in the combined form, based on the description of the day and your personal indicators. That is, you do not have to think, to use an hour or not, if it has several contradictory characteristics – we have already thought of everything for you. But, since all descriptions will remain, if you are an advanced user, you will still be able to decide on the favorability of the hour yourself.

Personal calendar is available in two versions.

User version

You can purchase 1, 2 or more calendars for any period you choose – from 1 month to a year. The cost of 650 rub (approximately $10). The Data is always stored in your profile on Mingli: that is, if you bought a calendar for the month of July 2017, you can see it again in a year, two or ten years.

Professional version

It costs a little more, but allows you to calculate any number of personal calendars. This is convenient for consultants: you can calculate the calendar for any date of birth, get it in the form of PDF file, with your own logo and coordinates (the function will be implemented in the near future) and send to the client, putting your own price.

Personal calendar is formed with the help of:

About 50 general time parameters and about 30 personal parameters were used to form the calendar.

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