Qi Men Dun Jia calculator – Features of the Advanced version

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All users who paid for “Advanced Qi Men” can receive all of the additional descriptions and evaluations that are also available in “Qi Men Dun Jia Calculator”, “Chinese Calendar” on the website and app “Almanac PRO for smartphones

Example of QMDJ Hour Chart for Extended version (PRO)

Features FREE Extended version
Chart calculation with Chai Bu and Zhi Run systems    
Display of Emptiness by hour    
Display of central Heavenly Stem to palaces    
Ability to see Jia in the chart    
Transcription of hieroglyphs in Russian and English languages    
Description of structures in palaces (НS+НS)    
Description of favorable and unfavorable special structures in palaces    
Saving chart    
Selection of Spirits in the chart (陳/虎,雀/武)    
Display 5 Yellow of month and year    
Options for calculating Zhi Run based on different calendars    
Calculation of Stars with flight or rotation by choice    
Calculation of Emptiness for an hour: by hour, by day or both    
Display of Traveling Horse, Noble, Peach Blossom (Demons and Gods)    
Designation of the Main Star and the Main Gate    
Evaluation of structures in palaces    
Сила звезд и ворот по сезонам и дворцам (Strength of the season)    
The description of the interaction HS + Gates in palace    
The description of the interaction Star + Gates in palace    
The description of the interaction Gates + Gates of house palace    
Signs of the activation for Gates and Mystics    
Description of activating Stars at a specific hour    
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