How is the training going. Types of training

I want to buy a course, but I don’t understand how I will study

Your main tool in the learning process – Personal account (PA), which  will open after registration on the site. It will reflect:

That is, this is your personal chest filled with information and tools).

Every course you bought will be stored in the My Courses tab. For each direction – separate tab (Bazi, Feng Shui, Qi Men, Selection of dates). Everything is very clear and logical, it is almost impossible to get confused.

For each online course, there are video lessons on theory (with examples) and practical classes online, planned in the schedule in the Training section. In practice, we discuss questions and examples from students. There are also closed groups for communication and discussion of the topic.

I want to study now, but the scheduled courses do not start soon

What you see in the schedule – these are practical training dates that run 2-3 times a year. depending on the program. But you can start learning as soon as you pay for the course.

You can study any of our online courses on your own at your own pace and at a time convenient for you – by video tutorials. After registration and payment, all course materials will be added to your PA.

Sometimes, if the course is reworked or supplemented, or it is a completely new course – materials may appear by the date of the official start of the course, we usually inform about this in the course description on the website; You can check with the organizer whether the course materials will be available immediately by writing to Feedback.

As with in-person training, you will have access to support, communication with teachers and colleagues.

This format is very convenient if you live in a different time zone and your time is very different from Moscow. Another important plus – correspondence courses can be paid in parts, in installments.

I paid for participation online, but I can not attend the classes

All course practice records we post within two to three business days. At the same time, you will receive an email with a notification that new materials have been added to the personal account.

Are there any discounts for your courses? Or installments.

Yes, we give discounts to those who:

  • study for a long time
  • went to study for several programs
  • brought a friend or several friends with you

You can learn more about all discounts or installments by writing to Feedback.

What does my course look like in my personal account?

If you subscribe to a program, its materials will be visible in your personal account. The materials of each lesson may include a Presentation and a Video Lesson. Materials are opened in a special program. Also, the Introductory Instruction will be attached to the first lesson of the paid course. Please read it carefully.

Shortly before the Practice, a link for registering for the lesson is added to the personal account, and after 2–3 business days – class recording.

You can watch Video lessons whenever you want. Presentations can be printed. Each lesson has a Homework assignment (small test), it becomes active after completing the lesson. Non-compliance is not punished in any way, but it’s still better to do your homework, this will allow you to test your knowledge, practice and formulate questions for teachers. If you want to improve your score, you can take the test as many times as you like. All your progress will be reflected in the learning progress scale.

How can I ask questions?

To communicate with teachers, tutors and classmates at we have closed groups in Skype and Google, which work all the time of training + two more months. There you can find a lot of interesting and useful information. How to get into them is described in detail in the Introductory Instructions. If you do not have time to attend workshops and complete classes, you can ask the organizer to transfer you to the next stream.

What is the Introductory Instruction, where can I find it?

Introductory Instruction — this is a document attached to the first lesson of a paid course. We describe in detail all possible issues and ways to solve them. You need to read it carefully, and much will become clear) We advise you to refer to it every time a question arises. It has everything you're currently reading here and a lot more.

I'm not receiving email notifications

Check your Spam folder. Some mail servers sort incoming mail very strictly. In order not to lose letters from us, add our address to your favorites.

Everything is very complicated, I can't open the course materials

Yes, all our files are protected. To open them, you need to turn to the Help column on the left side of the personal account. It's all about opening files. Briefly – you will need to download a separate video viewer. It is not difficult, but sometimes there are difficulties. In this case, you need to write to Feedback. There is also a link to an article on how to open files in the Introductory Instructions.

What is Feedback and how can I find it? Maybe it's better to write to the teacher right away?

You can find the Feedback icon on every page of our website – it's a blue envelope in the lower right corner. In the text of the letter, you will need to describe the problem. In response, the person who is responsible for solving a specific problem will contact you and help you figure it out. You don’t need to write to teachers or chat, specialists are responsible for iron and its iron brain. If you have questions about training and payment – the program organizer will answer you, if some files cannot be opened – support specialist.

Reading about licenses, what does it mean?

We provide two licenses for all our software products. Don't rush to activate both! Use one, activate it on the device with which you will work, and the second can be useful to you if you have to work with another device. But don't worry, if you've already used both licenses and need to replace your computer – we'll add more for you.

What are Practical Lessons and how to take them?

Practical lessons are needed to consolidate theoretical knowledge. We always announce the dates of the practice in advance so that everyone who wants to register has time to register. A list of practical classes is available on the website in the Schedule section, and also in your personal account after the video classes. Only those who have purchased a course with practical exercises will be able to participate in the practice. You won't be able to participate in the Practice if you haven't listened to our theory.

During the practical classes, we will definitely analyze your examples.

  • On the program Bazi – these are participants' bazi charts
  • On Feng Shui – your houses and apartments
  • On Qi Men – life maps and predictions.

Of course, you give your examples at will and everything we discuss remains within the group. Big request – Please send questions in advance and in exactly the form described in the Instructions for the course. This is necessary so that we have time to prepare and give you high-quality feedback.

To get to a practical lesson, you need to register for it. A link to register and enter the webinar room will be sent to you after you register for the Practice. If you have previously participated in one of our webinars, then you did a great job and you already have a registration. If you are attending the Practice for the first time, read How to get to the webinar. We conduct our lessons on the Zoom platform.

I can't enter the webinar room, what should I do?

This happens if you suddenly registered late for a webinar and you can’t log in. In case of difficulty, you need to write Feedback or to the course curator marked "Urgent!" in the subject of the email. You can also ask a question in a Skype group. You definitely do not need to write to the teachers, they are busy in the webinar at this time and will not be able to answer you. But it's better to register in advance! If you log in like this and failed – don't worry, you will definitely have an entry!

What will I get after completing the course?

At the end of the course, you will be offered a final test . We check it, and if we see that the knowledge has been mastered, an electronic certificate is issued to you. The knowledge gained on the course will give you the opportunity to practice at least for yourself and friends, and at most – for clients. In addition, certain levels of study are required to further study the metaphysical sciences on Mingli.

Can I become a consultant on Mingli?

Yes, if you actively practice and pass special exams, read more here.

How will I be able to communicate after training?

After graduation, everyone, those who continue to practice, be interested in metaphysics, will be invited to General Chat on Skype (for the time being there will be three chats – Bazi, Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia). Here you can communicate with each other, discuss topics of interest to you with like-minded people, receive timely information about Minli's events and projects. This chat is not intended for answering questions from teachers. This is a space for communication with colleagues and fellow students.

To discuss complex and interesting cases, real objects and examples, or if you need teacher support, we have created Clubs – Bazi, Feng Shui and Qi Men Dun Jia. Classes in the Club are paid, and are held 1-2 times a month, you can join the Clubs on topics that interest you. For those who practice Feng Shui, there is also a Project Management service.

During November and December 2020, we will invite you to new General Chats, and at the end of December we will close the old Skype study groups. Don't worry! Everyone who is active will be able to chat in the new chat rooms, what's more, you'll meet other active practitioners that you can meet and discuss your examples and questions with!

Join us, we will be glad to share our knowledge with you!


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