Feng Shui Guide App - how to use

Feng Shui Guide: Map Features

The "facade" button will allow you to manually move the red marker of the facade.

The "compass" button allows you to determine the facade by the compass built into the phone (this mode does not replace measurements with a real compass, but allows you to make estimated measurements on the spot).

The "tracking" button turns on the mode when the center of the map coincides with your location.

The "24 mountains template" button will allow you to manually twist a round template.

The "return" button resets the readings of the template or facade, depending on the selected mode.

How to use the Feng Shui Guide

To get the result, you need to:

  1. find a house on google map,
  2. determine the facade of the house,
  3. upload, select in the gallery or take a picture of the plan,
  4. draw the outline of the plan,
  5. indicate where the facade of the house is on the plan (the angle of rotation of the facade on the plan is not a degree of the facade).

And the program will calculate everything else for you.

On the first screen you see a map of the area where you can find your location by clicking on the sight at the top left. You can also find the location using the address.

Turn on the facade installation mode and by moving the red oval with your finger, set the direction of the facade. The facade of the house is not always the direction of the door. Focus on the architectural facade.

You can use the measurements that Google will show you: when you enter the program, the 24 mountain directions template will automatically orient itself to the cardinal directions. If you enable tracking mode, the center of the screen will match your location. In addition, the map will rotate with you to make it easier for you to navigate the terrain.

However, if you have a luopan compass, it is better to measure the directions on the spot. All measurements are taken outside the house. Feng Shui uses two types of measurements:

  • Universal qi. Measuring the facade with a compass 1.5–2 meters from the entrance to the house or entrance to the apartment building. Often coincides with the readings of the Google map. Used for some activations, Qi Men Dun Jia.
  • Measurements on the door. Compass measurements directly of the door leaf about a meter from the ground. Such measurements are used to build a map of Flying stars.

If you use compass measurements instead of Google, you can enter the measurement data in the settings:

Feng Shui Guide: Map Settings

Save the measurement data for the door and next to the door separately, they may differ. Also, to calculate the map of Flying stars, you will need to write down the year of construction of the house in the application.

Turn on the switches for Flying Stars in the map settings.

Feng Shui Guide: Flying Stars and 24 Mountain Pattern

Returning to the first screen (to do this, click on the empty space next to the settings), you will see a map of Flying Stars calculated by the facade and year of construction, as well as annual stars and stars of the current month.

Feng Shui Guide: Choosing Door Measurement or Universal Qi

If the measurements on the door and next to the door are different, you can choose any of them to build a map:

We usually recommend using door measurements to calculate Flying Stars. In case of strong discrepancies between these measurements, it is recommended to check which star map is working. Periodically, we hold workshops at Minli, where we analyze such complex cases.

Tai Sui, Sui Po, Three Sha, sectors of fives and the opportunity to see the stars in other months will be available to you after the purchase of the period (year). This also applies to working with plans. Opportunities will expand.

Feng Shui Guide, Main Menu

It is currently possible to pay for the subscription period or extend them only in the Store that is located in the Programs section of the Mingli.ru website.

To get access to the paid period, you need to log in (activate the period) by logging into your account using a login (e-mail) and password that is used to log in to the site.

Features of the paid period

Working with the map

Working with the map in the Feng Shui Guide App

In the settings, you can enable Three Sha, Tai Sui, Sui Po and sectors of fives to see in which directions from your house, for example, it is not necessary to excavate or build, repair anything. If Three Sha, Tai Sui, Sui Po or 5 years or months have fallen into the rear of your house, it is not recommended to make repairs in such a house. We recommend
using a 90° angle for Three Sha.

Working with the plan

Working with the plan in Feng Shui Guide App

After confirming permission to use the camera and photo, you can either take a picture of the plan or take it from the gallery of your phone.

After choosing a plan, you have the opportunity to prepare it for calculations.

Switching between tools is carried out in the middle at the bottom of the screen (it is possible to reduce and enlarge the image with a standard gesture: by bringing together and spreading two fingers on the screen):

Feng Shui Guide: Plan Rotation On the first tab, you can rotate the plan by orienting it vertically and horizontally for convenience and align it.
Feng Shui Guide: Outline the Plan and Find the Center The second tab allows you to draw the outline of the plan and determine its center. By holding your finger on the plan, you can add points by drawing the outline of the plan (the center of the plan is calculated automatically, but it is possible to specify it manually). Points can be moved by pressing and holding your finger, or deleted by double-clicking on the point.
Feng Shui Guide: Determine Facade Direction The latter tool allows us to indicate in which direction the facade is directed, correlating it with the direction that we have determined on Google maps.

To complete the work with the plan, you need to press on the "Done" button, after which the main screen of working with the map will appear. There you can distribute the map of Flying Stars and the directions of the 24–year template separately or together on the plan. In addition, you can add a new floor or several floors.

Feng Shui Guide: Star Markings and 24 Mountain Plan Pattern

In the settings for working with the plan, you can choose which measurements to use for Flying Stars, and which ones for the 24 mountains template. We recommend using door measurements for Flying Stars and universal qi for the 24 mountain template.

Feng Shui Guide: period change

Using the top panel, you can scroll through the months of the year and see which sectors are becoming favorable and which are not.

In the locations of Tai Sui, Sui Po, Three Sha and fives of the year and month, it is not recommended to make repairs. Also, you should not do activations where the fives of the month or year "flew" to.

Knowing where your cardinal directions are, you can easily find the sectors for activation listed in our Feng Shui Instructions and the Feng Shui PRO Handbook for the Year.

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