Opening DRM-4 Protected Files

There are three simple steps to open protected files:

Download fileLoad File
(pdf or video)
Open file in XVast applicationOpen in Application
Activate fileActivate
by entering login and password


To study our courses and watch videos you will need a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet with operating system Windows 7 or later, Android (6.x or later), Mac OS Mavericks (10.11 or later, with 64-bit CPU), iOS for iPhone and iTab devices (with iOS 9.x or later).

Before opening protected files on iOS (iPhone), it is better to write feedback on the site. This is due to Apple's limitations on working with files on mobile devices.

  • All videos, presentation materials and e-books are available for download immediately after purchase in your profile, subsection "My Courses".
  • Each protected file has two licenses (we recommend using one device for protected content)
  • If you see a file without a shield icon, then it is opened using familiar programs.
  • Protected files in your personal account in DRM-4 format are marked with a shield icon (), and the name of the protected files ends with "_P4".
  • If you see a file with an icon () then it is a file in the old format DRM-3, and the name of protected files ends with "_P", more on activating DRM-3 files. Support for DRM-3 content ended in 2019.
  • To work with the Mingli.ru website, we do not recommend to use "Internet Explorer" browsers; or Microsoft Edge.

📱 Mobile devices

A detailed description of how to open protected files on mobile devices can be found on this page.

View DRM-4 protected PDF and video
  1. XVast – application for viewing protected files
    All protected files (mp4 – video file and pdf) in DRM-4 format in your personal account are marked with a shield icon with number 4 (), also the name of protected files ends with "_P4". To view protected files in DRM–4 format, you need to download and install the browser Xvast:

  2. Wait for the browser to fully load on your computer. Run the Xvast program you downloaded (usually by double-clicking) and then follow the instructions.
    For Windows 10 PC owners, you may need to allow installation of applications from unpublished sources. To do this: you need to enter the "Start" menu, section "Settings", "Update and security", "For developers" and turn on the "Unknown sources" switch or "Installing unpublished applications." The warning that appears must be acknowledged.
    Mac users may need to disable GateKeeper to install the browser. Detailed instructions can be found here.
  3. Download the protected files of the seminars to your computer.
    We recommend that you create a separate folder for the course that is easy to find.
    3.1. If a message appears that the file is incorrect or with an error, do not pay attention, just click the "Download" button.
    3.2. If you want the browser to ask you where to download files, go to the settings, find the item "Downloads" (Downloaded files) and turn on the switch "Always ask where to download files".
    3.3. Open the download log in the browser by pressing the key combination Ctrl+J
  4. To open a protected file, press the right mouse button and select the "Open with Xvast" item from the opened context menu. If there is an error opening the file or this item is missing, launch Xvast and drag the file into the program window.


  5. When opening a protected file, a window will appear where you will need to enter the login and password that you use to enter the site.
  6. If after entering your login and password a white page appears and nothing happens, just click on it.

In case of errors, you can use the recommendations on the page «Possible errors and their solutions».

Additional apps you might need
  1. Regular PDF viewer AdobeAcrobat Reader
  2. Regular video viewer, VLC media player

In case of errors, you can use the recommendations on the page «Possible errors and their solutions».

Activation of protected video/audio, e-books and presentations

When you open a protected file for the first time, a window will appear for activating it with reference to the device, where you will need to enter your login (E- mail in full) and the password that you use to enter the Mingli.ru website and click the activate button. When entering a password, all characters and their case are important.


An internet connection is required to activate the file. The license is used on a specific device and upon reactivation, the license associated with this device and OS will be used.

When reopening the file, no reactivation or internet is required.


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