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Navigator of successful travels – it’s a service that helps you to navigate and create routs (even if they are complex), with taking into account an influence of year and month – Flying Stars and Tai Sui.

This service shows the direction of azimuths on the sphere/on the map, with or without taking magnetic declination into account. So, now you can determine your place of destination very easily.

In a professional version for each period of time you can look at Qi Men Dun Jia chart and choose a favorable hour for the start of your trip, scroll through hours, days, months or years.

Also, the navigator helps you to know length of the way and altitude of a point above the sea level.

In this navigator you can use Google and Yandex maps.


How to use Navigator

Navigator can determine your location on its own for the starting point of your route, if you have geolocation enabled. If it’s not enabled, your browser will offer you to turn it on.

You can read more on how to turn your geolocation in browser on at https://yandex.com/support/common/browsers-settings/geolocation.html

  • Expand the map to the full screen
  • Hide or show data
  • Open menu: click on the blue button with three horizontal stripes.
  • Choose your navigator version:  User (turns on by default for unregistered users) or Professional (turns on based on your user settings: this version enables pillars of data and Qi Men Dun Jia charts).
  • All users who paid for “Advanced Qi Men” can receive all of the additional descriptions and evaluations that are also available in “Qi Men Dun Jia Calculator”, “Chinese Calendar” on the website and app “Almanac PRO” for smartphones.
  • Specify the data of your trip, if you know it already: selecting buttons Year, Month, Day of Hour you can easily change data parameters with arrows or by typing it manually
  • Build your route: point up to 3 points of your route right on the map with double click or find their addresses and the cities in the list that is accessible through Menu. You can add, move, swap and delete point of your route in any way you want. Also, you can choose one of your points as a starting point by clicking on it.
  • For chosen point of your route you can look at the direction of arrival, departure, Tai Sui, yearly and monthly Fives Yellow and Qi Men Dun Jia chart.
  • Set up your Navigator. If you don’t want to deal with declinations and azimuths – just click on “Recommended settings” button and go to “Choose safe direction or time of the trip” in this article.

If you want to customize your Navigator – read further. You can change  Options and  View.

If you want to send a link to the created route, you need to select the entire link in the address bar (copy to clipboard using the Ctrl+C key combination, use Ctrl+V key combination to paste from clipboard)

 Options: change calculation options

  • Azimuths on the sphere: consider the spherical shape of the Earth's surface in determining the direction. Chinese Masters determined and still determine the direction with the maps, and not considering the curvature of the Earth. You can do the same by turning the azimuths on the sphere. But the times have changed and nowadays people can travel huge distances in just a day or two. In this situation, especially when moving closer to the poles, it is reasonable to take into account the spherical shape of the Earth, just because the map conveys the shape and location of the continents with quite large distortions. Therefore, we recommend that you look at the directions for travel with azimuths.
  • For short-distance trips (taking into account the spherical surface of the earth), the azimuths of departure and arrival often coincide. If the distance is large enough, then to determine the direction we advise you to use the arrival azimuth, as we are interested in the end point, the place where we want to go. To activate the favorable directions for Qi Men Dun Jia, you can also use the departure azimuth if your flight is very long or passes with transfers.
  • Radius: by changing the radius value, you can change the length of the direction sectors on a flat map.
  • Magnetic declination: shows the difference between the magnetic compass readings and the true North direction (which is used on maps), for a specific point on the map. If you turn on the magnetic declination, your measurements are close to those that you get using a compass at each point of the route (data of the magnetic declination can differ from the readings of the compass, as this is the average based on the sensor readings and calculations).
    We recommend using magnetic declination for trips within the city and turning off when you are planning a long trip.
  • Local solar time: if you select this switch, the Chinese hours intervals will be calculated based on the correction for the local solar time for the selected route point.
    For example: if you are traveling from St. Petersburg to Rostov, your route consists of two points. Click on point 1 – you will see in date intervals time for Petersburg, click on point 2   see intervals for Rostov.
  • Double hour of the Rat: Some Masters believe that the day starts with the beginning of the hour of the Rat. If you use this approach – check the box. If you are used to break the hour of the Rat into the Late and Early-do not use this option.

 View: turn on/off data

  • Direction sectors – are shown by straight lines or curves on the sphere, depending on whether you are looking at directions with or without taking azimuths into account.
  • Cardinal directions: if you check this box, the cardinal directions will be indicated by the letters S, SE, E, and so on, around the current point of the route.
  • Information about the route points: near the route points you can see the informer with directions in the azimuth of departure or arrival, altitude, Tai Sui, Fives Yellow.
  • Fives Yellow of year and month, Tai Sui: show the directions of the yearly and monthly Fives Yellow (Flying stars) and the direction of Tai Sui, the Grand Duke Jupiter (animal of the current year).
    Fives Yellow and Tai Sui will be marked with colored sectors and inscriptions in the informers, next to the points. But if you use the Azimuths on the sphere + arrival Azimuth – Fives Yellow and Tai Sui will be displayed only by the inscriptions in the informers, the sectors will not be colored.
  • Flying stars - show all Flying stars of the year and month (by azimuth of departure).
  • Qi Men Dun Jia chart and Evaluation of structures: if you use Qi Men, then it will be useful to choose a good structure and gates in the direction of travel - in the hour, day, month or year (available only in the professional version).
    To simplify the choice, select the "Evaluation of structures" The gate is a square indicator, the structure is round. The green color of the indicator is a favorable structure or a happy gate in a good position, yellow is the average direction, red is the direction that is not suitable for the trip (available only in the professional version).
  • Distance: shows you the distance from one point of the route to another.
  • Altitude: shows the altitude of the point above sea level. Very convenient to use to determine the slopes of the landscape around the house!

So, once you've set up, or used our settings.

Choose a safe destination or time to travel.

We recommend you to choose destinations free from the Five Yellow of the year or month, as well as Tai Sui. You can scroll through the months and days to find the right time. The energy of the directions changes every month according to the Chinese calendar (approximately 4th – 7th day of each month).

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