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Feng Shui Guide 2019 period purchasing

Price: For free

In the extended version of Feng Shui Guide program you can make calculations of the plan for your apartment or a house on several floors within the paid period (at the moment it is possible to work with only one project at a time, ability to save the projects will be implemented in the next version of the program).

In the extended version:

  • Three Killings of month and year (on the map for house and apartment plans)
  • Import a plan from your image gallery or using the photos taken with your phone
  • You can add as many floors as you need
  • Rotate the plan for your convenience
  • Draw plan’s outline to calculate the center (you can mark the center manually)
  • View Flying Star Chart and current stars (marked around the plan)
  • View sectors’ location (the 24 mountains template)
  • View monthly locations of Three Killings, Tai Sui, Sui Po during the year
Download "Feng Shui Guide" App for Android or iPhone
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Reviews (2)
03.11.2019 в 11:22
Добрый день,оплатила ,оплата прошла, а ссылки для активизации нет
03.11.2019 в 11:44
Константин Воркунов

Наталья, день добрый

Никаких ссылок приходить не должно, вам нужно залогинится в приложении «Гид по Фэн Шуй» https://www.mingli.ru/shop/item/1214 введя логин (имеил указанный в заказе) и пароль который используется для входа на наш сайт Mingli.ru.

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