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BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny is a classical Chinese technique for destiny and fortune analysis that allows you to learn a lot about character, abilities and life path of a person. The forecast is based on the energy chart of birth date – 8 hieroglyphs corresponding to the hour, day, month and year of birth.

Using our calculator, you can calculate two options of BaZi chart – a brief one and extended (for professional analysis). Calendar layout is easily customized to meet your needs – you only need to adjust the bar settings “Show/Hide”.

Calculator provides for birth charts from 1900 through 2040 for more than 120 000 cities worldwide.

8 hieroglyphs of BaZi chart (in color)
Option to replace hieroglyphs by abbreviations
Names of hieroglyphs, elements, polarity of elements
Hidden heavenly stems
Dominant hidden heavenly stems
Xuan Kong Da Gua of pillars
Nai Yin of pillars
Decades of fortune (pillars of fortune) - indicating the start year of decades and age of the person
Option to choose any year of life for analysis
Years of life
Gua number and auspicious directions
Scheme of five elements (Wu Xing) and their meaning for the individual (spheres of life)
Qi phases of heavenly stems for the first and second degree
10 Gods of the chart
Diagram of 10 Gods
Palace of life
Empty earthly branches in the chart
Symbolic stars (spirits and demons): noble man, peach blossom, travelling horse, voidness, reward of 10 heavenly stems for the day and year (list)
Symbolic stars (spirits and demons) in the chart and pillars of fortune
Print option, 1 page, A4 size.
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