Chinese calendar Features

The tab “Calendar” is the Chinese solar-lunar calendar combined with the European calendar. Calendar layout is easily customized to satisfy your needs – you only need to adjust the bar settings “Show / Hide”. You can also choose your city from the list to calculate local time.

The calendar provides for any date from 1900 through 2040 for more than 120 000 cities worldwide, both as hieroglyphs and abbreviations.

Date of European calendar
Number of lunar day
Chinese symbols for each period of time (hour, day, month and year) – Jia Zi or pillars (in color for easy recognition of the elements)
Names of hieroglyphs and elements, polarity of heavenly stems and earthly branches
Automatic determination of time zones for particular city and year (based on the “Olson database”)
Solar time for local area – option to choose your city so that the calendar would show duration of Chinese 2-hour slots in your local area
12 Day Officers - Jian Chu and their description
28 lunar mansions and their descriptions
Auspiciousness / inauspiciousness of the day for a person based on the birth year
Da Gua elements and periods for each time period
Nai Yin for each time period
Sha of directions for hour, day, month and year
Direct and indirect clashes (destroyers) for year, month, day and hour
Three Sha (San Sha) for month and year
Days of loss, true loss and exhaustion
Days without wealth
Master killing days
Descriptions of favorable and unfavorable activities for the day (also as icons)
Flying Stars of the year and month
Qi Men Dun Jia charts of the year and months
Favorable and unfavorable symbolic stars (spirits and demons) for each day and hour
Brief informative table of hours for each day
Detailed characteristics of each hour
Punishment, nuisance, harmony, combinations, clashes, control of heavenly stems and earthly branches for each hour
Qi Men Dun Jia charts for each day
Qi Men Dun Jia charts applied to directions in Navigator on Google maps
Description of structures for each palace and element within Qi Men Dun Jia charts
Print option from the browser provided icons are disabled - month’s calendar per page, A4 size.
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